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Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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EUR 14, EUR 9, Trilogia Robocop. Bitelchus Beetlejuice. EUR 5, EUR 7, Pack Schwarzenegger. Lucia et le sexe [Francia]. EUR 12, Asesino Invisible The Car. EUR 24, Trilogía Predators. EUR 15, El puente sobre el río Kwai. EUR 4, Detalles del producto Actores: Julio Medem Productores: Fernando Bovaira Formato: Castellano Dolby Digital 5.

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Lucía y el sexo

El argumento es bastante sorprendente y distraido. Y sobre todo, los seguidores de Paz Vega no nos podemos quejar. Ver las 4 opiniones. This is really one of the better constructed movies I've seen in a while. Both the storytelling and style of the movie can be called unique.

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It starts mixing reality with fiction and its hard to tell what really happened and what didn't. It features lots of 'what-if' themes and the story is being rewritten in the characters mind, also with lots of symbolism, mainly with the moon and the water. It doesn't make this the most accessible movie but then again, you don't ever have to watch an European movie for its accessibility.

Things start off quite slow but as the story develops the story gets more and more complicated and non-linear, when the line between fiction and reality gets blurred more and more. It does make the movie hard to follow at times but it at the same time makes the movie more interesting to watch and enables everybody start to define things on their own. You of course have to be open to these sort of movies though.

Also the very explicit nudity isn't just for everybody. Sex plays a key part in the movie.

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It helps to tell the story and plays a significant role in the story lines and help to indicate when things are truth or fiction. Never before has sex played such a key part in the storytelling of a movie.

He's the writer, were the entire movie involves around. The story is mostly set inside his head. Visually the movie is really great and impresses just as much as the storytelling of the movie. The camera-work and colors are really great and create a very unique atmosphere for the movie. Those who are open for an unique, one of a kind, unusual movie experience, will surely be delighted with this magnificent beautiful looking and constructed movie.

However, that just warrants a second viewing, which I look forward to with much anticipation. What appear at the beginning of the film to be casual flings turn into much significant couplings with unanticipated consequences. Medem's techniques create a European art-house cinematic quality for the film, but they also create a puzzle to be solved by the viewer. It is impossible for me to choose which actress is more appealing or who gives a better performance.

Fortunately, we get to see all of the charms of both actresses.

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There are several absolutely delicious scenes in the movie, including a loveplay scene with Vega's character Lucia and her partner wielding a Polaroid camera, and a seduction scene in a park with Aneya's character Belen, in which she entices her prey by explaining her mom's profession and her living arrangements. The male character in both of these scenes, Lorenzo, is a tortured writer, but with women like this in his life, one has to wonder a bit why he is suffering so much. The actors playing the roles of Lorenzo Tristan Ulloa and the role of Elena Najwa Nimri weren't well cast, in my opinion.

It was hard for me to believe Ulloa was an intellectual, and Nimri seemed a little old for her role, and was nowhere near as enticing as the other two female leads. But the positives definitely outweigh the negatives and I will be a repeat viewer, both to understand the story better and to appreciate the film even more. Sex and Lucia is categorized as an erotic drama but it would be wrong to think of it as a strictly pornographic film. There is a strong story peopled with interesting characters that you care about. The eroticism of Sex and Lucia is part of the lives of the character and is not introduced gratuitously.

After the loss of her writer boyfriend Lorenzo , she seeks refuge on a quiet, secluded Mediterranean island that Lorenzo told her about and wanted to return to for a visit. Director Julio Medem has made a film that explored love and relationships in a thought provoking story, beautifully filmed.

Almudena Martín de los Santos. Juan Rodríguez Valverde, Antoñita Ruiz. Antonio Castillo, Manuel Floriano. Alfonso Nieto. Prix du Public Festival international de Seattle, Alicia Produce S. Julio Medem, Koldo Zuazua.

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    Rechercher dans le livre. Table des matières. Citer Partager. Cité par. Filmographie p. Texte intégral. Courts et moyens métrages de fiction 1 El ciego [, Super 8] 2 El jueves pasado [, Super 8] 3 Fideos [, Super 8] 4 Si yo fuera un poeta… [, Super 8] 5 Teatro en Soria [, Super 8] 6 Patas en la cabeza [, 35 mm] 7 Las seis en punta [, 35mm] 8 Martín [, 35 mm] 9 Clecla [] 10 En las ramas de Ana [] Longs métrages de fiction Vacas [] 11 Production: Espagne 12 Interprètes: Julio Medem, Michel Gaztambide 15 Histoire originale: Julio Medem 16 Directeur de la photographie: Carles Gusi 17 Musique: Alberto Iglesias 18 Son: Rafael Palmero 22 Assistant-réalisateur: Txarly Llorente 23 2 e assistant: José Miguel Aguiló 24 Décors: Gonzalo Thovar 25 Costumes: Maria José Iglesias 26 Maquillage: Gregorio Mendiri 27 Coiffure: María Pilar Borja 28 Effets spéciaux: Reyes Abades 29 Format: Prix du meilleur film et de la meilleure photographie Carles Gusi La ardilla roja [] 33 Production: Espagne 34 Interprètes: Julio Medem 36 Histoire originale: Julio Medem 37 Directeur de la photographie: Alberto Iglesias 39 Chansons: Ricardo García Arrojo 43 Conseiller artistique: Satur Idarreta 45 Son direct: Julio Recuero 46 Chorégraphie: Ana Medem 47 Effets spéciaux: Reyes Abades 48 Format: Panoramique 49 Durée: Prix spécial décerné à Julio Medem Tierra [] 52 Production: Manuel Lombardero 56 Directeur de production: Luis Gutiérrez 57 Scénario: Julio Medem 58 Directeur de la photographie: Javier Aguirresarobe 59 Cameraman: Carles Gusi 60 Musique: Alberto Iglesias 61 Chansons: Satur Idarreta 63 Costumes: Estíbaliz Markiegi 64 Montage: Polo Aledo 66 Son direct: Gilles Ortion 67 Assistant-réalisateur: Txarli Llorente 68 Maquillage: Karmele Soler 69 Coiffure: Iztiar Arrieta 70 Effets spéciaux: Reyes Abades 71 Effets visuels: Peñíscola 75 Sortie: Prix de la critique Los amantes del círculo polar [] 76 Production: Fernando Victoria de Lecea 82 Scénario: Julio Medem 83 Directeur de la photographie: Mario Montero 85 Musique: Alberto Iglesias 86 Direction musicale: Mario Klemens 87 Chansons: Satur Idarreta 90 Décors: Montserrat Sanz 91 Costumes: Estíbaliz Markiegi 92 Montage: Polo Aledo 94 Son direct: Antxón Zabala 96 Maquillage: Karmele Soler 97 Coiffure: Iztiar Arrieta 98 Effets spéciaux: Molina FX 99 Trucages numériques: Scope Durée: Madrid Sortie: